The Lost Barrio Gallery is located in the historic Lost Barrio Shopping District, in Tucson Arizona. We have been creatively designing, manufacturing and installing custom woodworking and high-end furnishings for 30+ years.


 From the beginning until now, this is the way we want to fill our days. We are one of only a few stores where you can visit the showroom for inspiration and meet with our Master Craftsman to discuss your project.

With years of meaningful, hands-on experience, our continuing goals are: to  make a lasting contribution to the handcrafted furniture industry, and to share our passion for unique creations with you


Truly original

We offer a simple but comprehensive design service for our customer's specific needs and lifestyle.  At The Lost Barrio Gallery, we never use prefabricated parts or depend on other suppliers to finish your project. With years of significant hands-on experience, we are qualifiied to keep every aspects of production organic from start to finish. 


Our knowledge and appreciation of art comes from decades of traveling experiences and cultural exchanges that evolved into collaborations with talented artisans through fair trade. With our wide range of art & home decor selection constantly changing, you can update your space the way you've always wanted.